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“‘Eden’ wishes to bring you to re-discover the joys of looking closer, to cause you to momentarily suspend your beliefs and become a child once again." A magical installation by #PamelaTan on the site today:

NEW EP: In which we go beneath the flowers, the unibrow, the broken body, and the shadow of her marriage, to reframe the fame of our Frida: the Cult Icon of Humanness. 🌺🐒🌼

#FridaKahlo #arthistorypodcast @mfaboston

Nat and Kore-ie (hah.) provide an intro to Ancient Greek Kouroi and Korai statues and throw out some bizarre theories about what the Peplos Kore actually held–an arrow? an apple? the universe? Listen and find out. #ancientgreece #greekart #arthistory

So ArtCurious listeners, what was your favorite episode of this season? I have a soft spot for Ep. 52, about Balthus:

#OTD in 1834 Edgar Degas was born in Paris, France. Want to learn more about Degas and his rivalry with Manet? Check out episode 38:

A single dot of color on a curb could be dismissed as a stray splotch of spray paint, but a series of them stands out. These aren’t art or underground utility markings, but rather signals of a never-ending war against a persistent urban pest: the mosquito.

Are you humming, "Thank you for being a friend"... you're welcome! Washy, nostalgic paintings featuring Jack, Janet and Crissy, Ponch and John, Bo and Luke ... and the list goes on. "Sitcom Series" by #KellyInouye on the site today:

Following the death of leading Toronto gallerist Katharine Mulherin, a chorus of artists, curators, and colleagues reflect on her legacy. This is the first co-publication between Canadian Art and MOMUS.

#OTD in 1610 the hot-headed Caravaggio died at age 38 from what might have been syphilis, malaria or murder. Known for his dramatic use of lighting (a term called tenebrism!), Caravaggio completed many great works... but what about his young, sick Bacchus?

REPORT>> After a record year in 2017, African auction sales have started to slow down. In January 2019, the ArtTactic Outlook 2019 report again predicted that the African Modern and Contemporary art market was going…

Check out our brand new report on Modern & Contemporary African Artists! After a record year in 2017, African auction sales have started to slow down

"The ceramic vases are exquisitely crafted through a process that mimics both natural accretion and 3D printing, by brushing slip over the form, layer by layer, until the vessel appears to grow clay tentacles.” Looove! Work by @TheHaasBrothers on the site:

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